Blue Lotus Immigration

Additional Services


We know how overwhelming the settlement process in a new country can be. We can assist you in your settlement and integration, e.g.  choosing schools and daycare, navigating a new environment, applying for a Health Card, finding a rental or opening a bank account etc. We will connect you to various settlement services providers for newcomers to Canada. These services can help you settle and adjust to your new life in Canada. Settlement services may include interpretation and translation of documents, help filling out forms and applications, help finding a job or training, information about community services, schools and health care. These services are often free and always confidential. Many settlement agencies have staff who can speak languages other than English.


For students and parents alike, one of the most critical aspects of starting a new life in Canada is their children’s adaptation to the Canadian education system. Having worked as an Education Counsel at Transnational Canada Counsel Inc. (International Students Recruiting Agency), I have provided effective solution for international students to make a smooth start to the new school year in Canada. I have helped many international students, particularly from India, to get admission in post secondary institutions in Canada. My academic skills enable me to provide advising services to students seeking admission to post-secondary institutions in Canada; accurate information about academic programs, admission criteria and fee structure; medical insurance, university transfer rules; requirements for on/off-campus work; and co-op placements and apprenticeships. Students facing difficulty in their academics pursuit can be connected to mentors for support.

IELTS Support

We have network with IELTS support service providers, offering in-group and one-on-one services with a purpose of assisting IELTS candidates attaining their desired band scores within the shortest possible time.  You get prepared for your IELTS test by practising your reading, writing, speaking and listening with  practice materials.


Canadian workplace can be overwhelming for new immigrants as it could be very different from one’s home country.

Immigrants often find it difficult to find suitable jobs based on their education and work experience. Career coaching helps you establish realistic goals, discover solutions to challenges, develop action plans, build self-confidence, and instills motivation to take action unlike many job seekers who do the minimum and hope for the best. We can help you  find career direction, happiness and success through customized career packages designed to find career success through career exploration/transition, job search strategy, resume preparation, interview preparation, networking, salary/compensation advice

Besides finding a suitable job, Canadian workplace environment can be astounding to new immigrants. You might need to develop the skills and confidence to influence positive engagement and performance at Canadian workplaces.  Practices such as shaking hands, body language, personal space, eye contact, use of personal names, methods of communicating with co-workers and supervisors, dress and appearance vary greatly amongst cultures. While Canadian work environments do vary depending on the employer and the type of job, there are basic business etiquette and rules common to most Canadian workplaces. Learning these rules is an important step in looking for and maintaining a job.